The Ennis Continuing Education (ECE) Program offers a broad range of courses, skilled instructions, and facilities intended for the personal enjoyment and professional benefit of adults in Madison County. Our hope for this program is two-fold: first, our program encourages as many people as possible to enrich themselves by discovering and/or further exploring their respective interests, pursuits, and talents. Secondly, our program inspires participants to share whatever they gain with one another in a genuine spirit of community building. The Ennis Continuing Education Program is devoted to providing a variety of superior-quality, lifelong learning opportunities that both enhance individual lives and build communal spirit throughout Madison County.


The Ennis Continuing Education program dates back to the 1980s! In the 1980s the ECE program started off as simply a safe and warm place to walk during the winter months.  From this, it started moving forward with community interests such as sewing, art, and music.  Once individuals recognized the school was a great meeting place for community events, the Continuing Education Program began hosting events such as public meetings, blood drives, and flu shots just to name a few.

Upon the arrival of the 1990s, when the computer age started to boom, the ECE program never fell behind.  On top of offering a great community gathering place, it became much more of a special interest program. What once was used for informal gatherings, parade prep, and Easter egg hunts, suddenly became an educational facility for adults to expand their knowledge and foster perpetual growth.

The ECE program has since then expanded dramatically into both the educational and recreational realms, offering even more classes and events for all to enjoy.  With a full program of classes, we hope to support the needs and wants of the Madison County Community for many years to come!