Open Sewing & Quilting Mondays | 4;00pm-7:00pm

Open Sewing & Quilting ǀ Monday’s ǀ 4pm-7pm ǀ Jamie Diehl/Kathy Olkowski ǀ High School Rm#6 If you need time and table space to get some needlework done, or need technical advice, or want to start a sewing/quilting project and simply need the time away from home, this is the place! Jamie will have a “one (more…)

Legendary Big Foot Quilt Tuesdays | 5:00-8:00pm

Legendary Big Foot ǀ Tuesdays ǀ 5pm-8pm ǀ Kathy Olkowski & Lexie Brundin | High School Rm #6 | Materials to be purchased by the student Lexie and Kathy will be teaching another Elizabeth Hartman quilt design, “Legendary”, featuring Big Foot among a forest of trees.  The pattern includes directions for either a 60″ x (more…)