Ennis Unplugged, Acoustical Jam- Class

Ennis Unplugged, Acoustical Jam ǀ Thursdays |6:30-8pm | Elementary Music Rm| River DeLiso | $20

Hey music lovers! If you play an acoustical instrument and like to make new friends and new impromptu music with others, this class is for you. It’s not so much of a class as is a gathering of un-plugged musicians with instruments ranging from guitar, banjo, native flute, hand drums, and maybe even a didgeridoo or two to name a few. I personally love playing with other hobby musicians- different kinds of music, it can be really fun. Basic knowledge of music and an instrument that you play (or two or three…) is what you need to enjoy this Jam session (no you don’t have to know how to read music). And if you also sing, we can do something with that too! ***This class will start September 26th***