Baking & Various Custard Techniques-Class

Baking & Various Custard Techniques | Tuesdays, Starting February 15th | 6-8 pm | Jessicca Allen | HS Rm #6 | $35 | Limit 8

This class will be a four-part series focused on custards. We will learn about a thick custard to be thinned out with a stabilized whip cream along with making a quick cream puff. We will make a creme brûlée to be baked in the oven and will discuss the use of different sugars to achieve the crunch on top. We will make a trifle with lemon pound cake to be topped with macerated fruit, and lastly, we will make a non-cooked whipped custard to be put into a graham cracker shell.

*This is a four-week class. The first day of class will begin on February 15th, and run through to March 8th.