“Let’s Get Started” Hand Weaving – Workshop

“Let’s Get Started”- Hand Weaving Workshop |Saturday, October 5th | 10am-4pm| Elizabeth Tritthart | Commons Room |$50 | Limit 4

Weave with me workshops are a STEAM curriculum designed to explore the art, science and history of weaving in a fun accessible way. This workshop will incorporate lecture, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on studio assignments to make weaving principles accessible to all types of learners. Participants will be working collaboratively on projects throughout the workshop.

The “Let’s Get Started” weaving workshop presents the fundamentals of hand weaving. Our primary objective is to become familiar with a multi-shaft table loom and how it operates.

Participants will learn about basic weaves and how to use them to create visual interest in a textile. Participants will hear stories about famous wavers and the history of weaving while making a scarf, table runner or wall hanging to take home. No weaving experience is required.